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Atypical eclampsia and postpartum status epilepticus

ZO Dag, Y Isik, Y Turkel, M Alpua, Y Simsek


Preeclampsia is an entity that may present from 20th week of gestation up to 48 hours postpartum and is associated with hypertension and proteinuria. Eclampsia is emergence of convulsions pre-eclampsia in pregnant women with signs and symptoms. Recent studies showed that in some women,  preeclampsia and even eclampsia may occur without hypertension or  proteinuria. Here, we present a case of 26 years old women who had an uneventful pregnancy until 30 weeks' of gestation. She had only proteinuria in laboratory tests and was diagnosed as status epilepticus in early postpartum period. Preeclampsia and eclampsia is related with serious fetal and maternal morbidity and mortality and may present with atypical course. The awareness of atypical cases of preeclampsia enhances early diagnosis and management which are critical to avoid feto-maternal complications.
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