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Partial substitution of the ureter using a double short segments of the ileum following the monti procedure

M Lahyani, N Jakhlal, F Bakloul, T Karmouni, K Elkhader, A Koutani, AIA Andaloussi, I Bezza, M Elouazni, L Ifrine, A Belkouchi


The partial substitution of the ureter using a pediculated double short  segments of the ileum is a technique used to re-establish ureteral transit and preserve the renal unit, following the resection of extensive ureteral lesions. Standard surgical procedure for an ileoureteroplasty consists of isolating an ileal duct of equal or greater length than the ureteral defect and interposing it in the urinary tract in an isoperistaltic direction. Monti described a surgical technique that allows for the creation of catheterizable stomas in continent urinary diversions, using the Mitrofanoff principle. These passageways were created from one or several 2.5 cm long ileal sections by means of their detubulization and transverse retubulization.
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