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Lymph nodes tuberculosis: A retrospective study on clinical and therapeutic features

A Benjelloun, Y Darouassi, Y Zakaria, R Bouchentouf, N Errami


Lymph nodes tuberculosis represents 30 percent of extra pulmonary tuberculosis in Morocco. We report here the experience of the pulmonology unit of the Avicenne Military Hospital in Marrakech for a period of 4 years. Our study interested 30 patients (15 males and 15 females) with an average age of 29 years old (10 to 62 years old). Tuberculosis has interested a single site in 28 patients, the other two patients had multiple but unilateral involvement. For the single sites, locations were jugulo-carotidian (20 patients), supra-calvicular (2 patients), axillary (2 patients), sub-mandibular (2 patients), spinal (2 patients) and mediastinal (2 patients). For the multiple locations, the involvement was jugulo-carotidian, sub-mandibular, spinal and sub-clavicular for one patient; and jugulo- carotidian and sub-clavicular for the other. Diagnosis was made by surgical biopsy and histology for all the patients. A six-month anti-tuberculous treatment was given afterward, with relapses in two patients.
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