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An exceptional case of bilateral gestational gigantomastia with multiple breast lumps

B Traoré, B Kamate, M Conde, AM Keita, T Kourouma, A Dem


Bilateral gigantomastia is a rare condition, often associated with pregnancy that is characterized by a diffuse enlargement of both breasts. Here we present a case of a late 20s woman in her seven months pregnancy with a bilateral gestational gigantomastia associated with multiple breast lumps. Histological analysis revealed a fibroadenoma. Her prolactin level after caesarean delivery was found particularly high. A significant decrease in breast size was achieved with bromocriptine treatment in conjunction with a bilateral lumpectomy. This case report highlights the diversity of gigantomastia and emphasizes the importance of a tailored, multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.
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