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Large twisted ovarian fibroma in menopausal women: a case report

M Boujoual, I Hakimi, J Kouach, M Oukabli, DR Moussaoui, M Dehayni


Ovarian fibroma is the most common benign solid tumors of the ovary,  commonly misdiagnosed as uterine fibromaor as malignant ovarian tumors. It occurs generally in older perimenopausal and postmenopausal women.  Occasionally large fibromas may undergo torsion causing acute abdominal  pain. Doppler Ultrasonographyimaging is the choice study. CT and MRI are  often needed for further characterization and differentiation from other solid ovarian masses. The choice treatment is surgical removal with intraoperative frozensection. Immunohistochemicalanalysis is recommended to rule out the differential diagnosis. Here we present a case of a postmenopausal woman  with a large twisted ovarian fibroma reflecting diagnostic and management  difficulties including potential misdiagnosis of the tumor as a malignant  ovarian neoplasm that may influence the surgical approach.
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