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Facial cellulitis revealing choreo-acanthocytosis: A case report

Younes Samia, Cherif Yosra, Bellazreg Foued, Aissi r Mouna, Berriche Olfa, Souissi Jihed, Braham Hammadi, Frih-Ayed Mahbouba, Letaief Amel, Sfar Mohamed Habib


We report a 62 year-old-man with facial cellulitis revealing choreo-acanthocytosis (ChAc). He showed chorea that started 20 years ago. The orofacial dyskinisia with tongue and cheek biting resulted in facial cellulitis. The peripheral blood smear revealed acanthocytosis of 25%. The overall of chorea, orofacial dyskinetic disorder, peripheral neuropathy, disturbed behavior, acanthocytosis and the atrophy of caudate nuclei was suggestive of a diagnosis of ChAc. To our knowledge no similar cases of facial cellulitis revealing choreo-acanthocytosis  (ChAc) were found in a review of the literature.

Key words: Choreo-acanthocytosis, facial cellulitis, dyskinetic movements
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