Erythema nodosum leads to the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

  • Theocharis Koufakis
  • Ioannis Gabranis
Keywords: Erythema nodosum, Tuberculosis, Hilar lymphadenopathy


Erythema nodosum is a panniculitis which may have various causes, such as drugs, infections, sarcoidosis, inflammatory bowel disease, tuberculosis or can be idiopathic. We here report a case of a woman diagnosed  with pulmonary tuberculosis whose first symptom was erythema nodosum. A thorough clinical and laboratory investigation of the patient presenting with erythema nodosum is always required, in order to assess a possible systemic, underlying condition.

Key words: Erythema nodosum, Tuberculosis, Hilar lymphadenopathy


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eISSN: 1937-8688