Surgical management of acute quadriceps tendon rupture (a case report with literature review)

  • Badr Ennaciri
  • Eric Montbarbon
  • Emmanuel Beaudouin
Keywords: Quadriceps tendon, tear, Krackow sutures


Quadriceps tendon rupture is uncommon and often overlooked in emergency. Tearing affects weakening tendon by systemic diseases or some medications. The mechanism is generally indirect. Inability to actively extend the knee associated to a supra-patellar defect evoke easily the diagnosis without other investigations. Surgical repair is realized in emergency to completely restore the extension. We report a case of a patient who has sustained of complete quadriceps tendon tear after a long period of tendon weakening by statin therapy,  hypertension and diabetes. The repair has consisted on end-to-end Krackow sutures associated with bone suture to the proximal pole of the patella. Surgeons and emergency physicians must think to this form of extensor apparatus rupture, because early diagnosis leads to early treatment and to best outcomes.

Key words: Quadriceps tendon, tear, Krackow sutures


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eISSN: 1937-8688