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Myositis ossificans progressive: case report

Sofia Talbi
Nassira Aradoini
Iman El Mezouar
Fatima Ezzahra Abourazzak
Taoufik Harzy


Myositis ossificansprogressiva (MOP) is an autosomal dominant disorder. There is a progressive ectopic ossification and skeletal malformation, mainly in the connective tissue of muscle. The diagnosis is based on the clinical findings and radiological demonstration of the skeletal malformations. A 38-year-old female patient was admitted to our department with progressive increase of the thigh. Results of laboratory studies were normal . The radiography of the right thigh showed multiple intramuscular calcifications. Myositis ossificansprogressiva should be diagnosed as early as possible and non-invasively, based upon history, clinical and radiological findings. Early and correct diagnosis is fundamental for indication of proper management of the disease. Key words: myositis ossificans progressive, ossification, ectopic bone.

The Pan African Medical Journal 2016;24

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eISSN: 1937-8688