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Lead poisoning in children: a case report

Zineb Jouhadi, Dalal Bensabbahia, Fouad Chafiq, Bouchra Oukkache, Nisrine Bennani Guebessi, El Abidi Abdellah, Jilali Najib


Lead colic is a rare cause of abdominal pain. The diagnosis of lead poisoning is most often mentioned in at risk populations (children, psychotic). We report the case of a 2 year old child that was presented for acute abdomen. Abdominal plain radiograph showed multiple intra-colonic metallic particles and suggested lead poisoning diagnosis. Anamnesis found a notion of pica and consumption of peeling paint. Elevated blood lead levels (BLL) confirmed the diagnosis. The lead poisoning is a public health problem especially in children, but its manifestation by a lead colic is rare and could simulate an acute abdomen table.

The Pan African Medical Journal 2016;24
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