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Taha Elghazi, Zouheir Hafidi


We report the case of a 74-year old hypertensive patient with stable blood pressure under treatment, admitted to hospital for cataract surgery on right eye and in whom clinical examination fortuitously showed richly vascularized, yellowish lesions localized at the level of both upper and lower eyelids, covered by a thin skin. A full lipid profile including total cholesterol, HDL, LDL assay and blood triglycerides was required and showed hypercholesterolemia 4.2 g/L with HDL 0.5 g/l and LDL 2.5 g/l. Xanthelasma are yellowish patch on the eyelids caused by an accumulation of cholesterol and lipids. They appear as bumps or small skin growths on the eyelids, especially near the nose, as in the case of our patient. Xanthelasma is a specific type of xanthoma. Xanthomas are subcutaneous benign cholesterol deposits that accumulate in tissue. They are due to a familial metabolic predisposition and are related to familial hypercholesterolemia. Treatment can be surgical or by laser.

The Pan African Medical Journal 2016;25
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