What do you think of an unusual axillary mass?

  • Hafsa Benzzi
  • Majda Askour
  • Afaf Elouazani
  • Mouna Bouaddi
  • Badreddine Hassam
  • Amar Saidi
Keywords: Axillary mass, skin, apocrine adenocarcinoma


Skin apocrine carcinoma is a rare malgnancy of epidermal adnexa, most frequent in axillary seat, where apocrine sweat gland are abundant, the neoplasm can arise in groin, anogenital, lips, eyelid, characterized by a plate or surface area of nodules hummocky. Etiology and incidence are not known. The prognosis is influenced by the risk of locoregional recurrence and metastatic evolution. We describe the case of 61-year-old man who presented a left axillary slow-growing mass since 2 years ago. The cutaneous biopsy objectified an apocrine adenocarcinoma. The paraclinic exams performed to detect primary breast were tumor negative, first step before confirming the diagnosis. Standard treatment is surgical excision with margins of 2 to 3cm for local tumor, for apocrine adenocarcinoma regional lymph node dissection if nodes were clinically positive is wide surgical excision. This kind of tumour is chemoresistant. In this case, adjuvant chemotherapy was indicated, before surgery to reduce tumoral volume. This case illustrates the importance clinicopathological correlation of skin cancer, particularly apocrine one. Clinical particularity and careful analyses histology helps diagnosis approach.


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eISSN: 1937-8688