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Non syndromic supernumerary teeth: management of two clinical cases

Akram Belmehdi, Soukayna Bahbah, Karima El Harti, Wafaa El Wady


Supernumerary teeth are extra teeth or tooth-like structures. Single, double, or multiple teeth that occur in one or both jaws may be erupted or unerupted and unilateral or bilateral. Supernumeraries are less common in primary dentition than in permanent dentition. The etiology of ST is still unknown. A number of theories have been postulated to try to explain their presence, including atavism (evolutionary throwback), tooth germ dichotomy, genetic and environmental factors, and hyperactivity of the dental lamina. However, all theories are hypothetical due to the inability to obtain sufficient embryologic material on their origin. The aim of this paper is two present two case reports of non syndromic supernumerary teeth in female patients and their management.

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