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Knowledge, attitudes and practices of the liberal doctors in relation to the national convention signed in the framework of Mandatory Health Insurance in Morocco: a cross-sectional study

Soufiane Zegraoui, Amine Cheikh, Mustapha Bouatia, Mohamed Rida Ajaja, Saida Naji, Amine El Hassani


Introduction: under the Mandatory Health Insurance (MHI) scheme, liberal doctors signed their first national convention in the year of 2006. The delay in renewing this agreement could negatively affect the accessibility of the insured persons to medical care. The objective of this study was to explore the knowledge, attitude and practice of the liberal doctors towards their adherence to the national convention signed under MHI scheme and to propose some improvements. Methods: our study is cross-sectional based on a descriptive survey targeting the population of liberal doctors adhering to the signed convention under the MHI in Morocco. The material used was a questionnaire that was administered to doctors selected. The processing and analyzing of results were performed with SPSS 13.0. Results: the study, conducted in 2016, examines included 40 liberal doctors. 97.5% of them reported dissatisfaction with the National Reference Pricing. 60% of the them were demotivated to the application of the national convention because of the lack in educational materials. There was no significant difference in the attitudes between general practitioners and specialists, all of whom considered that remuneration was unfair under MHI (p = 0.689), they also considered that working conditions have deteriorated (p = 0.256). Conclusion: the behavior of liberal doctors towards the national convention signed within the framework of the MHI hides a general dissatisfaction whatever the place of practice. This dissatisfaction was felt by physicians regardless of their seniority or specialty. Several efforts should be made to find a compromise between doctors and the health insurance system to improve patient access to care.

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