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Flagellate erythema as a bleomycin: specific adverse effect

Asmae Lahlou, Salim Gallouj, Fatima-Zohra Mernissi


The bléomycine is an antitumor antibiotic. It can be responsible for in particular cutaneous and pulmonary variable side effects. Some are rare, but specific of the bléomycine. We report the observation of two patients aged respectively of 35 and 38 years old, having presented a toxidermy at the bléomycine has standard erythema whipped after administration of bléomycine for a choriocarcinomist and a malignant lymphoma not hodgkinien the whipped erythema is specific of bléomycine, it complicates 10 to 30% of the treatments within a few hours to 9 weeks. It is independent of the amount, the route of administration and the nature of the treated lesion. These lesions appear after a cumulative amount from 90 to 285 Mg. Clinically, they are linear bands with an aspect whipped prevalent on all the trunk and the proximales parts of the members. The éthiopathogénie is dubious. The evolution is marked by a spontaneous resolution of the lesions to the stop of the treatment sometimes the price of a cicatricial linear pigmentation, or a residual sclerosis.

Keywords: Bléomycin, flagellate erythema , cytotoxicity

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