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Pathological tooth migration-spontaneous correction of diastema after surgical periodontal therapy: a case report

Meetu Preet Jain
Preet Rajendra Jain
Harneet Singh Chawla
Rahul Narayan Gaikwad
Om Chandrakant Wadhokar
Chaitanya Ajay Kulkarni
Waqar Mohsin Naqvi


A common consequence of moderate to extreme periodontitis is pathologic migration. This denotes tooth movement when the periodontal disease interjects the equilibrium among the elements that preserve physiological tooth position. The balancing factors can migrate the teeth in any direction. The etiology of pathological migration tends to be multifactorial, thus achieving early diagnosis is imperative, which will ultimately lead to the prompt removal of the etiological factors while avoiding severe bone destruction. In this case maxillary central incisors had diastema due to pathological migration with mobility grade I in maxillary left central incisor. Many cases of moderate to severe pathological migration need a suitable, interdisciplinary approach. Pathological tooth migration (PTM) at an early stage, spontaneous correction of migrated teeth can be accomplished by periodontal therapy alone. Regardless of the treatment selected, maintenance of stable results should be considered as an aim of treatment.