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Human nasal rhinosporidiosis: a case report from Malawi

U Sefu, A Fauzia


Rhinosporidiosis is a rare chronic granulomatous disease, characterised by polypous lesions of the mucous membrane. Commonly affects the mucous membrane of the naso-pharynx, conjunctiva and palate. Its causative agent is Rhinosporidium seeberi. The disease is more prevalent in the Indian subcontinent, but remains quite rare in our environment. We hereby present a case description of a 70 year old native Malawian male with a polypoid nasal rhinosporidiosis. Patient presented with long standing history of nasal obstruction and intermittent epistaxis for three years. Diagnosis was confirmed by histopathological examination and he was successfully treated by complete surgical excision. This was a very unusual cause of nasal masses in our setting. Nasal rhinosporidioss lesions may largely mimic other ordinary nasal polyps, it is crucial therefore for clinicians in our region to consider rhinosporidiosis as a differential diagnosis when assessing patients presenting with nasal swellings.

Key words: Rhinosporidiosis, polyps, nose, Malawi
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