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Giant urethral diverticulum’s caused by traumatic vesicle catheterization in children: a case report

K Kkhattala
M Rami
A Elmadi
L Chater
A Mahmoudi
Y Bouabadallah


Urethral diverticula are saclike dilations of the urethra and are classified as either congenital or acquired. While urethral diverticula are commonly seen in female patients, they are rarely seen in men. The most common etiologies of male acquired diverticula include urethral trauma, stricture, abscess or post-hypospadias repair. We report a case of acquired urethral diverticula caused by a traumatic vesical catheterization in a 6-year old boy and review the literature on the topic.

Key words: Giant, urethral diverticulum, child, surgery, urology, traumatism

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eISSN: 1937-8688