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Intestinal subocclusion due to colonic lipoma: a case report

K Bentama
M Chourak
I Chemlal
M Benabbou
M Raiss
A Hrora
F Sabbah
A Benamer
M Ahellat


Colonic lipomas are rare benign tumors infrequently met in clinical practice. Most of them are asymptomatic making frequent their fortuitous discovery. The therapeutic approach to the fortuitous discovery of a lipoma is even less clear. The treatment depends essentially on the clinical picture, on the size of the lipoma and on its location. We report the case of a 31-year old woman, which sub-occlusive accidents events revealed a lipoma of the descending colon. The diagnosis was suspected on colonoscopy and segmental colectomy was performed. The diagnosis was confirmed by histological examination. We review the literature and discuss the clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of this uncommon disease.

Key words: Colon, endoscopy, occlusion, lipoma, colonoscopy, colectomy, benign tumor

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eISSN: 1937-8688