Paraperesis: A rare complication after depressed skull fracture

  • AA Syed
  • A Arshad
  • K Abida
  • S Minakshi
Keywords: Fracture, paraperesis, edema, depressed fracture, skull


Depressed skull fracture is an inward buckling of the skull bones, often because of direct blow to a small surface area of the skull with a blunt
object. Monoparesis is often among its clinical presentations, but midline depressed skull fracture presenting as motor weakness of both lower
limbs (Paraperesis) has not yet been reported. We report the case of 55 year old male admitted to emergency department with alleged history of
hit on head by a wooden rod. He had pain, mild swelling and a small cut over scalp without any symptoms & signs of neurological deficit. On day
two of admission patient developed weakness of both lower limbs. On CT scan patient had bilateral depressed skull fracture of high parietal bone
on either side of midline. Patient was managed conservatively, made remarkable recovery and was discharged after 2 weeks.

Key words: Fracture, paraperesis, edema, depressed fracture, skull


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eISSN: 1937-8688