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Endometrial stromal tumors with sex cord-like elements: a case report

Amal Benlemlih, Hind El Fatemi, Mouhcine Bendahou, Taoufiq Harmouch, Afaf Amarti


Endometrial stromal nodules are rare. They represent less than a quarter of endometrial stromal tumors. Clement and Scully described as variants of endometrial stromal nodules two types of tumor ressembling ovarian sex cord tumors. Type I is tumor that resembles focally an ovarian sex cord tumor which can be abbreviated ESTSCLE, or endometrial stromal tumors with sex cord-like elements and type II; uterine tumors with more than 40% sex cord-like differentiation so called UTROSCT for uterine tumor resembling ovarian sex cord tumor. Uterine tumours with sex cord-like differentiation are very rare with only 50 cases reported in the literature so far. The diagnostic is based on microscopic findings. Immunohistochemical tests to elucidate their nature yield variable and polyphenotypic with coexpression of markers of epithelial, myoid and sex cord lineage as well as hormone receptors. We report an additional case of an endometrial stromal tumors with sex cord-like elements in a 48-year-old woman presenting with abnormal mass.

Pan African Medical Journal 2013; 14:51
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