Realising Equality in Access to HIV Treatment for Vulnerable and Marginalised Groups in Africa

  • E Durojaye


This article examines the relevance of the concept of equality in improving access to HIV treatment for vulnerable and marginalised groups in Africa. The article argues that though modest achievements have been made in expanding access to HIV treatment for those in need in Africa, this expansion has concentrated on the general population with little focus on the needs of vulnerable and marginalised groups in society, especially children and sex workers. It further argues that applying the notion of  equality to HIV treatment is crucial to alleviating the impact of the epidemic on vulnerable  and disadvantaged groups. In conclusion, it is argued that if the aim of realising universal access to treatment for all by 2015 is to be achieved, it is imperative to ensure equal access to HIV treatment for disadvantaged groups such as children and sex workers.

KEYWORDS: HIV treatment in Africa; marginalised groups; children; sex-workers; equality


eISSN: 1727-3781