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Strongyloides stercoralis infestation in HIV seropositive patients in Port Harcourt

KT Wariso, JO Odigie


Background: A contemporary surge in diarrhoeal illnesses due to parasitic infestations is believed to be a synergy between endemicity and HIV seropositivity.
Aim: To determine the prevalence of Strongyloides stercoralis infestation among HIV seropositive patients at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.
Methodology: A stratified sampling method was adopted, with a working sample size of 524. Inclusion criteria were ART-naive HIV-positive patients presenting for the first time with or without diarrhoea and not on any anti-protozoal regimen. Stool samples were concentrated and examined for larvae by direct wet mount.
Results: Of the 524 subjects, 314 (60%) presented with diarrhoea with 104 acute cases and 210 chronic cases. Two hundred and ten (40%) subjects presented without diarrhoea. Enteric parasites were detected in 132 (42%) subjects with diarrhoea and 27 (13%) patients without diarrhoea. Strongyloides stercoralis was only detected in 11 (5.2%) cases of chronic diarrhoea.
Conclusion: The synergistic ill-effects of HIV and parasitic co-infection underscores the need for prompt identification and effective therapy.

Keywords: Strongyloides stercoralis, Strongyloidiasis, Diarrhoea, HIV, Port Harcourt.

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