Confronting the effects of unemployment on achievement motivation: The case for postmodern career facilitation

  • K Maree
  • L Ebersöhn
  • B Vermaak
Keywords: Achievement motivation, career facilitation, postmodern career facilitation, unemployment, cooperation, confidence, work habits, adolescent, narrative career facilitation, Achievement Motivation Profile


This article describes the ways in which postmodern1 career facilitation was applied to enhance achievement motivation in a male adolescent from a community with a high unemployment rate. A case study following a mixed-method approach was conducted with a purposefully selected
youth and a postmodern career facilitation intervention was developed and implemented. The participant's achievement motivation was assessed pre-intervention and post-intervention by means of the Achievement Motivation Profile (AMP). Several AMP subscales increased
significantly after the intervention (team player, competitiveness, self-confidence and achiever). Other changes following the intervention included an overall increase in the scores in the subscale 'work habits' (planning/organisation, initiative, team player). Apart from revealing
an increase in achievement motivation, the findings indicated self-reported heightened selfawareness and enhanced interpersonal collaboration. We (the authors) conclude that postmodern career facilitation could lead to breadth and depth changes in achievement motivation, which could equip adolescents to negotiate unemployment challenges.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0258-2236