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Curbing Human Trafficking And The Seed Dispersal Syndrome Through Literaly Education

SN Oden
SJ Umoh
EP Ntukidem
PO Ebam


Trafficking in human beings is a “cancerous” problem that has negative impacts on every aspect of the human society globally. This cancer has assumed alarming dimensions and has been attributed to various factors.The result of trafficking in humans is that people are dislocated from their culture, which can be likened to the seen dispersal syndrome, which equally affects their outlook and adjustment in life. It therefore becomes the concern of many groups and individuals to explore ways of curbing this ugly development. This paper, thus, sees literary education as a potential tool that is capable of re-shaping individuals\' perspectives on human trafficking. It is hoped that this would make them to desist from the practice, so that human beings will retain the dignity which God originally bequeathed on them. The society will thus be a better place for all. To ascertain the causes of human trafficking in Nigeria, the research isolated globally acknowledged factors which were probed by use of questionnaire. Analysis of data revealed that most of the factors equally play a significant role in the scourge of human trafficking in Nigeria. Implications of this practice to both the individual and the society were drawn. Finally, the researcher examined the role which literaly education could play through various available media to curb the trend.

International Journal of Policy and Development Studies Vol. 3 2007: pp. 60-69

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eISSN: 0795-0632