The rough theatre: an astute tool for the eradication of human trafficking in Nigeria.

  • AO Taiwo


At the close of events marking Nigeria\'s independence in 1960, hardly would any one had dreamt of slavery rearing its horrific head again, nor would it had occurred to someone that some Nigerians would grow up to have a resurgence of interest in this dastardly act. However, human trafficking a synonym to slavery has become a lucrative business to a few Nigerians. This act of inhumanity is being aided by foreigners and some blacks in the Diaspora. This paper examines the astute roles which the rough theatre in the light of its societal value, can play in order to eradicate this menace. Theatre “undeniably reflects ways of ordering the society, and, its main aim and anticipated goal is reformation towards charting a new course suitable for the progress of the society.” (Nwosu 2004; 99) This paper suggests ways by which the rough theatre can be used to eradicate human trafficking.

International Journal of Policy and Development Studies Vol. 3 2007: pp. 99-108

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eISSN: 0795-0632