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Duality models for multiobjective semiinfinite fractional programming problems involving type-i and related functions

Pooja Gupta, S.K. Mishra, R.N. Mohapatra


In this paper, we consider several dual models for a multiobjective semiinfinite fractional programming problem and establish usual duality theorems involving type-I and related functions. Our results generalize the results of Zalmai and Zhang [G.J. Zalmai and Qing-hong Zhang, Parametric duality models for semiinfinite multiobjective fractional programming problems containing generalized (α, η, ρ)-V -invex functions, Acta Math. Appl. Sinica 29(2) (2013), 225–240]. Results obtained in this paper extend and unify several results in the literature.

Key words: Semiinfinite programming, duality, efficient solutions.

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