Effect of paint fumes on histoarchitecture of the testes of adult male Wistar rats

  • A.O. Ishola
  • R.B. Ibrahim
  • W.G. Balogun
  • A Imam
  • A.O. Oyewopo
  • A Olawepo
Keywords: histoarchitecture, testes, spermatogonia, infertility.


Aim: To investigate the effect of paint fumes on the histoarchitecture of the testes.

Methodology: In this study, we reported sixteen (16) Wistar rats mainly male of an average weight of 180g. Four groups of four rats each were divided into groups A-D. The treated rats were exposed to paint fumes for 8 hours daily, group A for three weeks, B for four weeks and C for five weeks. Group D animals (control group) were exposed to air for 8 hours for five weeks. On the last day of exposure, animals were euthanized, sacrificed and thoraco-abdominal incision was performed after which one testis was received from each rats, preserved in 10% formal saline and further processed for histological study using Hematoxylin and eosin technique.

Results: The testes of the paint fumes exposed group shows necrotic cell death of the germ cells (spermatogonia) and reduced sperm cells in the central lumen. This is an indication of altered spermatogenesis.

Conclusion: Paint fumes that contain volatile organic compound cause the necrotic death of testicular germ cells in exposure dependent manner and there were reduced sperm cells in the lumen. This can lead to infertility.

Keywords: histoarchitecture, testes, spermatogonia, infertility

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