Author Guidelines

All the articles submitted to the Moroccan Journal of Research in Management and Marketing (REMAREM) must be original. We remind the authors that it is not possible to submit the same article to two different journals simultaneously. On the other hand, articles which have been presented at conferences are accepted, in particular, during the congress of the International Days of Research and reflection in Marketing (subject to correspond to the positioning of the journal).

Furthermore, the REMAREM proposes to publish only articles which have a relation with the fields of management and marketing practiced in private and / or public organizations: accounting and financial management, fiscal management, public management, quality and certification, social responsibility, decision making, competitiveness and sustainable development, banking and stock market management, sales force management, sales techniques, market research, customer relationship management, business creation and project management, entrepreneurial culture, management control , audit, business strategy, strategic planning, marketing of organizations (banking marketing, insurance marketing, service marketing, association marketing, cooperatives and foundations, tourism and hotel marketing, social marketing, political and electoral marketing, international marketing and diplomatic, industrial marketing, pharmaceutical marketing, hospital and medical marketing, territorial marketing, public marketing, green marketing, viral marketing, etc.). Articles discussing legal themes can be submitted to REMAREM, but on condition that they have a relationship with the aforementioned subjects: consumer law, consumer protection, false advertising, comparative advertising, insurance law, social law, environment law, banking law, tourism law, etc.
(opinion poll, satisfaction study, case study and clinical study, database study). These studies can be carried out in the Moroccan, Maghrebian, African or international context.
Authors who wish to submit an article to REMAREM can be research professors, experts, doctoral students, business leaders, marketing or human resources directors, management controllers, auditors, sales managers or merchandisers, etc.
Doctoral researchers can submit articles to REMAREM, but on condition that they are guided and assisted by their supervising professors. Indeed, the doctoral student must send to REMAREM a letter duly signed by his professor in which he states that he has read and corrected the article and agrees to be his co-author.
Articles must be clear, in language accessible to "non-researchers". The examples must be abundant to illustrate the point and references to other articles, in limited number.
All articles are subject to evaluation (three readers), the scientific and reading committee make the final decision on acceptance, modification or rejection. The author receives a reasoned letter, one month maximum, after the submission of his article to REMAREM.

Very important note:
All articles must be sent and submitted via the journal's platform: visit the website (Create an author account) or by e-mail to the following address:

Articles submitted to REMAREM must be presented as follows:
The length of the article should not exceed 20 pages, including tables, figures and references, based on a Calibri 12 font, with margins of 2.5 cm on each side and a line spacing of 1.5. These 20 pages include the title page and the summaries.
1. The first cover page must include the title of the article (in French and English), the name of the author, his function and quality, his full contact details (establishment, university, city, country, e-mail address).
This first page must also include the abstract of the article. It must be submitted in French and in English, including the titles. Immediately after the abstracts, indicate a few key words (in French and English) best characterizing the article submitted. The abstract must be clear, precise, well written and make the reader want to read the article.
The title of the article must be reproduced just at the bottom of the header and must be written in capital letters, character 14, bold, Calibri form.
All this information relating to the title of the article, the name of the author, his function and quality, his full contact details (establishment, university, city, country, e-mail address), summaries and keywords can exceed a page.
The summaries in French and English as well as the keywords and Key Words must be very detailed: produce a good summaries and make readers want to have a clear idea about scientific production. In other words, when reading the summaries, we must have the impression that we have read the entire text. These summaries must contain the following elements: objectives and problems of the research, research approach, the studies envisaged, the main results of the studies, the constraints and prospects of the research. The abstract should not be limited to presenting the research plan.
2. The actual text should start on page 2 or 3 (it depends on the length of the summaries)
- Body text: Calibri / character 12
- Line spacing 1.5
- Line spacing of the abstract and abstract: simple
- Margin: 2.5 cm for each side
- Header: contains the title of the article written in bold CALIBRI, character 12, uppercase
- The title of the article must be reproduced just at the bottom of the header and must be written in character 14, bold, Calibri form, capital letter.
- Footer: contains information on the REMAREM (number, period, etc.) written in bold CANDARA, character 10
- The names, first names of the authors and the words summary and abstract: written in bold, capital letter, Calibri, character 12
- The translation of the title in English: centered, written in bold, capital letter, Calibri, character 12
- keywords: written in bold, lowercase, Calibri, character 12
- Information relating to the quality of the author, his establishment and university, the city and the country: written in lowercase, Calibri, character 12, single spacing
- The e-mail addresses of the authors: written in lowercase, Calibri, character 12, bold, underlined
- The rest of the content of the summary in French and in English: put in gray colored frame, written in lowercase, Calibri, character 12, single spacing
- All titles and sub-titles (introduction, first point, second point, etc. conclusion, appendices and bibliographical references: written in capital letters, bold, character 12, Calibri
- The titles, numbers and sources of tables, diagrams and figures: written in lower case, bold, character 12, Calibri
- Tables, figures and diagrams are integrated into the text, numbered and presented each with a title and source
- The document (text, tables, figures, appendices and bibliographic references included) must contain 20 pages maximum
3. Following the article, we will successively appear:
▪ Any annexes (methodological or other) designated by Annex 1, Annex 2, Annex 3, etc.
▪ Bibliographic references. These will follow the new academic standards of research. In the text, reference citations will appear in parentheses with the name and date of publication, [ex: (KOTLER, 2000)].
- No footnote should appear in the text
- The bibliographic references will be presented in Calibri / character 12. The names, first names of the authors and date of publication of the references must be mentioned in bold, capital letter
[Example: Gallopel K. (2000), Affective and symbolic contributions of advertising music: an empirical study, Research and Applications in Marketing, 15, 1, pp.3-19].

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