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Assessment for problem-based learning

Wichard Zwaal


When designing a new educational unit on organisational behaviour, special attention was paid to the constructive alignment of the assessment procedure with the learning outcomes and educational concept. In order to optimise the fit with the principles and philosophy of problem-based learning, the assessment was designed to support the process of constructive, collaborative, contextual and self-directed learning. In a final two-hour session, each problembased learning team is required to analyse a case study and report their diagnosis and suggested interventions in a case study paper with an accompanying set of PowerPoint™ slides. Design and delivery of this innovative approach to summative team performance assessment are reported and results show that students appreciate the educational value of the approach and consider it enhances their conceptual skills and competence in contributing to constructive teamwork.

Keywords: assessment design, assessment for learning, assessment mix, assessment session, constructive alignment, problem-based learning (PBL)

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