Contribution a l'etude du phenomene des publications scientifiques nationales: lin maillon déterminant du système national d'information

  • Y Bakeu


In Algeria, one contrast is established between an international Scientifcal and Technical Information (IST) statement and a national IST. Indeed, a nationals operators became more expased at aforeign information than a local one's. Therefore several actions about a promotion mechanism of this national IST must be undertaken. Starting by récognition ofthe reciprocal action existing between editorial System and IST System and between this IST and national scientifics publications (PSN), our reflections were engaged in this direction. This paper présents a results of a PSN project which we conduct in IST Department at CERIST. We discuss about a valuation of a national editorial System, a publishing standard model, a national bibliographie control and about a bibliographie accessioning system of the national IST . At downstream of this contribution it became évident a main link occuped by a national scientifics publications (particularly a grey littérature) in a national information system, an importance of a slandardization as means of IST promotion and a stakes scattered by one information system which it signais a scientifcal and technical national production.


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eISSN: 1111-0015