La motivation au travail dans un contexte de changement: Cas du ministère de l’éducation

  • ES Semuhoza
Keywords: Motivation, Satisfaction, Public service, Leadership, Perception of work


Motivation in public services has always been the object of multiple interpellations especially that many reports by experts have established a link between motivation of staff and their performance and have highlighted negative effects of lack of motivation on the quality of an organization performance. Being centered more particularly on a Ministry, this study aims to detect strengths and weaknesses of a public service, diagnose the situation of public servants and specify the conditions making it possible to obtain best civil servants. Within the framework of this study, 230 civil servants from the Ministry of Education filled out a questionnaire in three sections. The employees and cadres were requested to say a word on their level of motivation and satisfaction at work, on the leadership style adopted by their line managers and on their perception of the career. Moreover, additional data on their individual characteristics were collected (sex, age, occupied post…). The findings show that the determining factors having an incidence on motivation of civil servants are the style of leadership of their supervisors and the supervisors themselves, and their positive perception for the public service. The age and the occupied post also play a significant role in this perception as opposed to other individual characteristics which do not seem to explain the differences of the degree of motivation. Key words: Motivation, Satisfaction, Public service, Leadership, Perception of work

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print ISSN: 2305-2678