Effectiveness of School-based Professional Development in Addressing Teachers’ Learning Needs and Improving Learner-centred Pedagogical Practices

  • Allen Rugambwa
  • Mpoki Mwaikokesya


The study set out to investigate how school-based continuing professional development (SB-CPD) addresses teachers’ learning needs and contributes to  the improvement of learner-centred pedagogical practices in Tanzania secondary schools The study employed questionnaire, interviews, classroom  observation, and documentary review to collect data from a sample of 110 teachers and heads of schools participating in an SB-CPD programme called  the Probono Teacher Training (PPT) Programme. The study revealed that, even though teachers’ learning needs were not identified through a needs  assessment, the teachers perceived the programme effective in addressing their learning needs related to the implementation of the competence-based  (secondary education) curriculum. Moreover, the PPT Programme, to a large extent, was effective in improving learner-centred pedagogical practices,  particularly in the aspect of applying learner-centred teaching (LCT) strategies in the course of teaching. Based on these findings, it can be concluded that  an SB-CPD programme is effective in addressing teachers’ learning needs and improving learner-centred pedagogical practices. 


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2312-9239