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Factors Influencing Annual Procurement Planning of Medicines and Medical Supplies in Public Health Facilities in Kampala District

Martha Grace Ajulong
John Charles Okiria
Martin Owako


Despite significant progress made by many countries towards meeting the millennium development goals and now sustainable development goals, there has been little improvement in access to essential medicines in developing countries.
The main aim of this study is to assess the factors influencing annual procurement planning of medicines and medical supplies in the public health facilities in Kampala district.
This study targeted respondents from government Health facilities in Kampala with a total population of 424 employees and applied simple random sampling to select 206 health workers. The researcher adopted mixed research approach with application of descriptive statistics, correlational and explanatory research designs that were used to maximize reliability and validity of findings. While the qualitative data was gathered through reviewing logistics tools, a physical count of the 30% purposively selected stock cards and interview of the staffs was carried out in health facilities in Kampala district, a Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 20 was used to analyze the quantitative data. Accordingly, a chi-square was used to determine the association between independent and dependent variables.
The findings indicated that 37.8% of the staff responded positively about the availability of annual procurement plan while the rest were from various health facilities. A significant association was observed between knowledge and availability of annual Procurement planning (X2 = 34.7; p value =.0001), as well as management support and Annual Procurement Planning (X2 = 9.87; P value = .008).
In conclusion, the finding generated from analysis of quantitative and qualitative data revealed that a majority of the factors influencing annual procurement planning had a positive effect on medical supplies in public health facilities in Uganda although the capacity and capability of health workers, quality of logistics management information systems, and management support desires improvement.

Rwanda J Med Health Sci 2021;4(2): 292-309