Epidémiologie et prise en charge des accidents de travail survenus à Douala entre 2000 et 2015

  • Léon Jules Owona Manga
  • Joseph Dieuboue
  • Lompo Sandrine Sanon
  • Jeanne Harmonie N’na
  • Essama Mekongo Louis-Paul Ondoua
  • Denise Angèle Pouokam
  • Mor Ndiaye
Keywords: epidemiology, work-related injuries, treatment, Cameroon.


English Title: Epidemiology and treatment of work related injuries occurring in Douala between 2000 and 2015

Background : Work-related injuries are common sources of traumas and handicaps. Their statistics are declining but remain high in developing countries. This research aimed of to describe the epidemiology and treatment of work-related injuries that occurred in Douala during the period 2000-2015.
Material & Methods: This retrospective and descriptive study was carried from January 1st to May 15th, 2017 in the services of the Cameroon National Insurance Fund in Douala. We collected and compiled available data in the files of workers that suffered of work-related injuries during the period of study. Variables were socioprofessional, clinical and therapeutic. Results were univariates and bi-variates.
Results : Men (95.68%), laborers and technicians (87.50%) predominates among the victims of work-related injuries. The mean age is 36.5±10.80 years. Most of the victims worked for industrial companies and transports. Their injuries occurred at workplace (76.72%), in the morning (48.92%) or after lunch (32.97%). The majority of traumas were musculoskeletal traumas (58.90%), caused by mechanical agents (70.26%). The main locations of these injuries were the upper right limb (23.33%), around the neck & head (19.97%) and the upper left limb (17.59%). Treatment was very expensive, around 1.348.265 CFAF. Concerning the outcome, 424 victims (87.50%) recovered while 32 died (6.89%).
Conclusion : Young laborers and technicians were the main victims of work-related injuries in Douala. To better anticipate the socioecopnomical consequences of their injuries, employers should set up adequate safety training for these workers and empower the safety culture at workplace.

Keywords : epidemiology, work-related injuries, treatment, Cameroon.


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