Modern African Pentecostal Discourse: A Textual Analysis of Prayer Texts of a Word of Life Church Senior Pastor

  • AT Manyawu National University of Lesotho


As the rampant forces of global capitalism relentlessly turn the world into a global village where the socio-economically weak are mercilessly marginalised, Southern Africa experiences a return to spiritualism as a strategy to ensure a sense of security and prosperity despite a gloomy material prognosis. Modern African Pentecostalism flourishes in Lesotho thanks to a discourse that seeks to portray the spirit world as real, tangible and controllable by the ‘anointed’ human being. This paper looks at the prayer text of a Word of Life Church Senior Pastor and co-founder from a perspective of Critical Discourse Analysis. The paper finds that her text depends heavily on contextualisation through the use of indexical meanings to “naturalise” Modern African Pentecostal discourse.

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eISSN: 1024-4190