Pastoral Counselling Programme at the National University of Lesotho: The Proto-Type Practicuum Case Report Guide and its Clinical Utility

  • Oa Jonathan National University of Lesotho


This study examined the clinical utility of the application of the Practicuum Counselling Case Report Guide (PCCRG) in facilitating pastoral/counselling psychological functions at the National University of Lesotho (NUL).Using the Proto-Type Practicuum Interview Guide Questionnaire (P-TPIGQ) as the index of investigation, 139 Pastoral Care and Counselling Students were the sample. The P-TPIGQ was constructed in two sub-sections of ‘A’ and ‘B’ with ‘A’ having 13-items designed in the modified 3-Likert Point Scale. Sub-section ‘B’ examined the PCCRG along its perceived acceptability(r= 0.91), usability (r= 0.86), Compositionability (r= 0.82), language ease (r=0.89) and Comprehensionability (r=0.85) respectively while essentially the sub-sections showed that the PCCRG was statistically significant at (P<0.05) and (P<0.01). While 98.6% of the participants confirmed that the interview guide permits easy documentation of the outcome of any client-counsellor relationship, only 1.4% merely dissented. In consequence therefore, and for its potential relevance in clinical adaptability as well as the amelioration of practicuum challenges among the interns, the PCCRG was suggested for easy usage.

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eISSN: 1024-4190