The performance of spintor dust and actellic 2% dust for managing Sitophilus zeamais (Motschulsky) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in different maize varieties in the Niger delta

  • U. Zakka
  • N.E.S. Lale
  • T.N. Gbarakoro
Keywords: Sitophilus zeamais, Actellic dust, Spintor dust, Maize variety, Infestation.


Potency of two insecticides (Actellic 2% dust and Spintor dust at 0.02g/20 g maize grains) in managing Sitophilus zeamais in stored maize was evaluated using three varieties (Bende, Ogbia muno, and ACR 97 TZL Comp. 1-W) under prevailing laboratory conditions (25-30OC and 70-90 % R. H.). Four pairs of 7-day old S. zeamais adults were introduced on each of the four 20 g lots of each variety in 1-L Kilner jars. Adult progeny, weight loss and developmental periods were assessed. The interactive effect of the insecticides and maize variety under investigation showed that considerably more adult progeny developed in control jars than in jars containing maize treated with test insecticides. Weight losses for one generation of infestation by S. zeamais in maize treated with Spintor dust, Actellic 2% dust and insecticide free maize were 8%, 12% and 14 %, respectively. Adult progeny development period was ranked in a decreasing order as Spintor dust < Actellic dust < Untreated maize. The use of Spintor dust as a pesticide for managing stored maize by S. zeamais is being reported, perhaps, for the first time to me.

Key words: Sitophilus zeamais; Actellic dust; Spintor dust; Maize variety; Infestation.


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