Effect of sodium citrate on red blood cell count in wistar rat

  • G.S Oladipo
  • P.D. Okoh
  • R.S Osaat
  • B.J. Leko


The effect of sodium citrate which is the sodium salt of citric acid, a preservative, an additive, an antioxidant and an anticoagulant used in blood transfusion was investigated in this study on red blood cell in wistar rat. Eighteen male adult rats of wistar strain (RattusNorvegicus) weighing between 150-200g were used. They were divided into 3 groups of 6 rats each in a group. Group A was given 10mg/kg body weight of sodium citrate. Group B was given 15mg/kg body weight of sodium citrate. Group C was given water and feed only. This served as a control test. The rats were all sacrificed on day 2,6 and 14 and blood samples were collected, investigated and tested. The Results when subjected to statistical analysis using analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed that there were significant differences in the concentration of red blood cells counts among three rat groups i.e. there was significant increase in red blood cell counts (P<0.05) showing that sodium citrate increases the value of red blood cell counts.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-1931
print ISSN: 1118-1931