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Stabilizing the border steady-state solution of two interacting populations

N.M. Nafo, E.N. Ekaka-a


The interaction between two legumes such as cowpea and groundnut depends on the  tool of mathematical modelling which uses a system of continuous non-linear first order ordinary differential equations. In this paper, we have successfully developed a  feedback control which has been used to stabilize an unstable steady-state solution (0, 3.3534). This convergence has occurred when the values of the final time are 190, 200, 210 and 220 which corresponds to the scenario when the value of the step length of our simulation is 0.01 and the initial data are (4, 10). The details of our present contribution are presented and discussed.

Key words: Best-fit parameters, agricultural data, 1-norm, 2-norm, infinity-norm.

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