Mobile computing: an approach towards paperless office

  • V.V.N. Akwukuma
  • J.C. Obi
Keywords: Mobile computing, Paperless office, Paper, Mobile user and Mobile device


Most organizations productivity has been linked toward achieving paperless office, while paper documentation, routing and storage have indeed been associated with organization bureaucratic-bottlenecks, high operational and development cost. Several approaches such as workflow and document management software have been utilized to achieve paperless office (environment), but none has been able to implement remote access and computing to organization resources. Implementing an architectural framework that will achieve paperless environment through remote access and computing, bureaucratic freedom, increase revenue and reduce operational and developmental cost has long been an area of research consideration which inspired Proposed Enterprise Paperless Architectural Framework (PEPAF). Utilizing Unified Modeling Language (UML), the use view, structural and behavioral views were visualized. The cost-effective architectural framework proposed in this research paper handles the aforementioned dilemma utilizing mobile computing as an integral avenue for reduction of paper consumption within an organization by 50%.Prospective users are now aware of the range of critical solutions offered by mobile computing paradigm, the application executing both on the mobile device and synchronizing at the central repository (database) situated at the organization stationery boundaries.

Keywords: Mobile computing, Paperless office, Paper, Mobile user and Mobile device


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eISSN: 1118-1931
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