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Structural interpretation of “Zulu” oil field, Niger Delta

A.A. Ibe, J. Anyanwu


Standard method for structural analysis was applied in the delineation of subsurface structures using seismic and well log data from “ZULU” oil field Niger Delta.  Hydrocarbon potential of “ZULU” oil field was evaluated to delineate the geometry of the reservoir of interest. The tops of the modeled reservoir were obtained at 2,365 m; 2,335 m; 2,331m and 2,265 m for well-1, well-2, well-3, and well-4 respectively.  Faults were interpreted and identified (F1, F2, and F3) using fault sticks, which was modeled to generate the skeletons. It was observed that the fault skeletons showed pillar gridded pattern that produced the reservoir which shows enclosed anticline  structures that serves as a good traps for hydrocarbon accumulation.

Key words: Fault skeleton, Pillar gridded, Zulu and Accumulation.

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