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Plantar dermatoglyphics in down syndrome

L.E. Oghenemavwe, G.A. Tagar


Dermatoglyphics is a useful tool in the preliminary investigation of some conditions with suspected genetic basis. The study examines the dermatoglyphic features of 130 (100 normal and 30 Down syndrome) subjects. The prints were collected by a digital electronic scanner. The parameters investigated were the frequency distribution of dermal ridge patterns such as arches, fibular loops, inverted loops, upright loops, vestiges and whorls in each zone of the sole. Chi-square test was used to determine significant difference in the distribution of these patterns between normal subjects and Down syndrome patients. The result shows the predominance of open field in Zones I and II of the sole of Down syndrome patients while normal subjects had more of whorls in Zone I, inverted loops in Zone II and upright loops in zone III. There is significant difference (p>0.05) in the distribution of the dermal ridge pattern in Zones I, II, III, IV and VI. The result could be useful to clinicians for early diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Keywords: Plantar dermatoglyphics, Down syndrome, Dermal ridge, Whorl, loop

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