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Evaluation of diverse potentials in the genus anthocleista: a short communication on the panacea towards exploiting and optimizing anthocleista species

N.L. Edwin-Wosu, A.C. Okafor


The continual inquiry and the curiosity of man for natural plant products has become a premise for the exploring strategies involved in understanding and obtaining required plant materials and their component. Review of several studies by scientists and researchers have shown that plants species such as Anthocleista species have relatively some amount of constituents called “the active ingredient or principle’’ produced by the plants. These are called metabolites which vary in constituent and concentrations. These extract or metabolites are located in stem barks, leaf, fruit and roots. Firstly, the review is aimed at adding value to the natural utility variables with the objectives of evaluating the Anthocleista species for their phytochemicals and non-phytochemicals potentials as a means for their exploitation. Secondly substantiating in qualitative terms the potential attribute of Anthocleista species found in parts of Nigeria for effective diversification and as a sure way to optimizing their resources. Information and data gathering was based on the phytogeographical occurrence and distribution of the species, (websit-internet sources), Floras, Botanical annals, Monographs, journal articles, and herbarium documentation. The review and assessment of existing literatures revealed that Anthocliesta among its therapeutic potentials as antimicrobial agent, medicine, antioxidant, and hypoglycemic agent could also be a potential source of anti-corrosion agent and environmental bio-indicator. Therefore, it can be concluded that the continuous evaluation and research in Anthocliesta species and its potential in human affairs can never be over emphasized and / or undermined for further evaluation.

Keywords: Anthoclesita species, Antimicrobial agent, hypoglycemia agent, antioxidant, industries

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