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Design and development of multiple drilling sizes machine

M.O. Eruotor, M.O. Atenaga


Now a day, machines are widely controlled by embedded system. To meet the need of exploding machines is necessary. Our project even is rotated to easily drill at any direction. So that job setting operation is not complicated as well as reduces the setting time for the operation. It also takes into consideration the most effective method of controlling the drilling machine by manually. Materials like wood, plastic and light metals can be drilled with this. The work piece is fixed on the work table, which is provided with a moving arrangement. The drilling machine is one of the most important machine tools in a workshop. In a drilling, machine holes may be drilled quickly and at a low cost. The holes is generated by the rotating edge of a cutting tool known as the drill, which exerts large force on the work clamped on the table. As the machine tool exerts vertical pressure to original a hole it loosely called a “drill press”. Drilling is the operation of producing circular hole in the work – piece by using a rotating cutter called drill, the most common types of drill is the twist drill. The machine tool used for drilling is called machine. The drilling operation can also be accomplished in a lathe, in which the drill is held rotated by a chuck. This multiple drill sizes is performed for different angle drilling in the working job. Indexing plate and up/down mechanism is available in this multiple drilling sizes machine.

Keywords: drilling machine, lead screw, supporting frame, guide ways, electric gear motor, spur gear, drill vice, bevel gear, drill chuck with drift key, drill bit

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