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Effect of mixture of decomposed palm bunch and topsoil on yield and nutrient composition of Pleurotus tuberregium (Fr.) Sing

A Gbara, O.A. Orji, J.A. Osakwe


The research was carried out in the screen house at the Teaching and Research Farm of Rivers State University, Port Harcourt from April to July 2016. It investigated the effect of mixtures of decomposed palm bunch refuse and topsoil on the growth yield, and nutrient composition of Pleurotus tuberregium (Fr) singer. The substrates/treatments were various mixtures of decomposed palm bunch and topsoil: T1 (0:5), T2 (5:0), T3(4:1), T4(3:2), T5(2:3), T6(1:4) and T7(1:1). These treatments were replicated three times and fitted to the complete randomized design. Samples collected from each treatment were analyzed for soil particle size, pH, organic carbon content, total nitrogen, available phosphorus, exchangeable cations (k+, mg2+, Na+, Ca2+) before and after cultivation of sclerotia. Data collected showed no growth was on T2 (decomposed palm bunch only), T3(4:1) and T4(3:2). Results of the study revealed that T1(topsoil only) gave the highest wet and dry weight of 356.87g and 62.37g respectively. This was followed by T6(1:4) with wet and dry weight of 191.95g and 31.43g respectively. There were no significance differences in moisture content, % ash, ether extract, crude protein, crude fibre and carbohydrate content of mushroom harvested from T1(topsoil) and T6(1:4). It was therefore observed that amongst the control used, topsoil gave the best yield and nutrient content while T6(1:4) gave the highest yield and nutrient content amongst the various mixtures used. Cultivation of P. tuberregium using one part decomposed palm bunch and 4 parts topsoil by weight, is recommended.

Keywords: Nutrient, palm bunch refuse, Pleurotus tuberregium , topsoil, yield

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