Oil obtained from C. Lepidota seeds: Extraction and characterization

  • C. Obi
  • F.N. Onyero
  • M.U. Ibezim-Ezeani
Keywords: Cola lepidota, oil, extraction, characterization, applications


The benign extraction of oil from monkey kola (Cola lepidota) seeds was carried out by means of solvent extraction using normal hexane as solvent. The percentage yield, specific gravity, viscosity, moisture content, color, acid value, peroxide value, iodine value, saponification value, and free fatty acid (FFA) were evaluated quantitatively. The oil obtained gave a percentage yield of 1.057 % and the color was light brown in nature. It has a specific gravity of 0.84 g/ml and viscosity of 24.63 MPas-1 indicating that the oil was viscous. The free fatty acid (FFA), acid, iodine, peroxide and saponification values of the oil were 22.44%, 44.88mg/g, 57.19mg/g, 5.62mg/g, and 125.30mg KOH/g respectively. Results obtained revealed that the Cola lepidota oil belong to the category of non-drying oils. This classification recommends the oil for the production of cosmetics, soaps, plasticizers for lacquers and drying alkyd resins for surface coating. Its high saponification value makes it useful for biodegradable detergents. The oil has a rancid-free taste because of its low peroxide value.

Keywords: Cola lepidota, oil, extraction, characterization, applications


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eISSN: 1118-1931
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