Radioactivity content surveillance on canned food products in Nigeria

  • O. Ezekiel Agbalagba
Keywords: Radioactivity surveillance, canned food, health detriment, Nigeria


The radionuclides surveillance on imported can food products in Nigeria market has been investigated using High purity Germanium detector. The radioactivity concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th, 40K, 210Pb and 137Cs in selected brands of imported canned food products categorized into staple foodstuffs, beef and seafood were analyzed. The results obtained for staple foodstuffs shows a mean activity value of 12.33±3.68, 12.35±4.62, 51.48±15.12, 2.65±0.18 and 0.61±0.27 Bq kg-1 for 226Ra, 232Th, 40K, 210Pb and 137Cs respectively, while in beef food products, it is 14.41±4.79, 14.12±4.83, 50.44±14.80, 1.11± 0.07 and 0.32±0.20 Bq kg-1 respectively, and for seafood products it is 17.95±5.71, 16.24±5.48, 61.65±18.07, 1.17±0.13 and ND Bq kg-1 respectively. The overall results indicate that the natural radioactivity in the three categories of canned foodstuffs examined are well below the UNSCEAR and other regulatory bodies recommended permissible limits. The presence of 137Cs in some samples potent some degree of heavy metal contamination of those foodstuffs. The computed dose to essential organs and tissues indicates a highest dose level of 0.2 mSvy-1 which is well within the 1mSvy-1 recommended permissible level of the public. The calculated collective effective dose equivalent revealed that 97,463,16 of the total population are exposed to radiation from ingestion of the canned foods with adults most impacted. The total health detriment indicates radiological risk ratio of 1:2238 for infants, 1:2583 for children and 1:4238 for adults. From the estimated costdetriment, it is obvious that the economic benefits which is directly proportional to cost of purchase and importation put at about nine billion US dollars annually derived from consuming these imported canned food products is far above the health detriment.



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