Tention to use IoT technology on agricultural processes in Nigeria based on modified UTAUT model: perpectives of Nigerians’ farmers

  • G.G. James
  • A.E. Okpako
  • C.O. Agwu
Keywords: Agriculture, IoT, UTAUT, technology awareness, Farmers etc.


Users’ acceptability is one of the fundamental concepts for development and success of any technology. This research explores the level of acceptability and factors influencing the acceptance of IoT technology in agricultural processes in Nigeria. We modified and used the UTAUT2, as a theoretical basis to conduct empirical research to test the factors that influence farmers’ intention to use the IoT technology being the most current computing technology in their agricultural processes, to make farming processes easier and at their convenient which in turn will boost their produce. To empirically test our model, a survey was administered to eight hundred and thirty respondents consisting of petty farmers, agricultural technology/engineers, agricultural scientists, mechanized farmers, and agricultural academics in six States in Nigeria, drawn from 5 Geopolitical zone, to include: Akwa Ibom State, Kano State, Jigawa State, Imo State, and Ogun State. We found out that the level of acceptability was moderate. However, factors like social influence, attitude, awareness, financial strength, affect the general acceptability of IoT technology in Agriculture in Nigeria. 


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eISSN: 1118-1931
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