Minimum Benefits for HIV/AIDS in South African Medical Schemes

  • HD Mcleod Centre for Actuarial Research (CARE)
  • Z Achmat
  • AM Stein


This paper provides the results of a survey of the structure of HIV/AIDS benefits in open and restricted medical schemes in South Africa in 2002. The results of the survey were used to develop a series of recommendations to the Minister of Health in respect of the extent of prescribed minimum benefits for HIV/AIDS. Medical schemes are required to provide the PMBs to their members without limits or co-payments.

Keywords: Medical schemes; HIV; AIDS; benefits; prescribed minimum benefits

South African Actuarial Journal: 2003 3: 77-112

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HD Mcleod, Centre for Actuarial Research (CARE)
Professor Heather McLeod, Centre for Actuarial Research (CARE), University of Cape Town Private Bag, Rondebosch, 7701; Tel: (0)21 650-2475; Fax: (0)21 689-7580

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eISSN: 1680-2179